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Saltless Conditioners

Salt Free or Water Softener?

Salt Free Conditioner
Salt Free Conditioner


Includes Pentek Big Blue Carbon Filter

  • Does NOT remove minerals, instead chemically conditions the mineral to prevent scaling on appliances, faucets, etc...​

    • Minerals are still present and therefore will not provide the additional benefits of a water softener

  • REQUIRES carbon pre-filtration​ (pentek big blue 4" x 20")

  • Does NOT require any salt

  • Sophisticated resin only lasts 5 years and requires "resin rebuild"

  • Does NOT require floor drain

  • Does NOT require electricity

Water Softener


Water Softener
  • Fully removes minerals from water​​​​

    • Prevents scaling on appliances, faucets, etc...​

    • Prevents dry skin

    • Decreases usage of soaps/detergents/shampoos

    • Better for hair dye

  • Does NOT require carbon pre-filtration​ (although carbon filtration paired with a water softener is recommended and valuable)

  • Uses Salt

  • Long lasting resin averages 10-15 years before noticeable deterioration

  • REQUIRES floor drain

  • REQUIRES electricty

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