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Tri-State Waterworks Team

Cory Martin: Co-Owner and Sales Manager

Cory Martin

John Konstanzer: Consultant

Kyle Martin: Co-Owner and Operations Manager

Kyle Martin

Patrick Konstanzer: Installation Associate

Tri-State Waterworks has 30+ years of experience in water conditioning.  We provide pure water to homes and businesses with custom installed conditioning systems.  Our expert team continually follows up with you via our Tri-State H2O subscription to ensure your yearly filtration needs are taken care of at an affordable rate.  Tri-State Waterworks passion is providing the best water the most convenient way. 

We are a family owned and operated company.  As such, Tri-State Waterworks can give you the special attention you deserve, but we are savvy enough to provide you with the convenience and scheduling of a larger organization.  Tri-State Waterworks is thrilled to take care of your water filtration needs.

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