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Salt-Free Water Conditioner


System assembled, programmed, and installed by our team


- US manufactured resin

- 10 year warranty on tank

- 5 year warranty on valve

- 3 year service warranty (no service call fees within time period)

- Pentek Big Blue 4.5"x 20" Carbon Filter included 

Salt-Free Water Conditioner

SKU: 632835642834572
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Salt Free Conditioners break down minerals. They will still be present in your water, however, they will be too small to scale. Therefore it will protect your water appliances, faucets, and more. No drain or electricity required.

    System requires annual maintenance on the Pentek Big Blue Filter ($130 annually)

    System requires maintenance every 5 years in the form of a resin rebuild ($900)

  • Installations include 20 feet of plumbing. If installation requires additional plumbing, drywall cuts, or other items that require more materials or time there will be appropriate charges. We commit to only charging time and material. We also will notify additional charges before installations begin.

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